Franklin released a slimmed down and less expensive version of their classic 710!T6 on Amazon: on Amazon: nitpick I forgot to mention in the video - there's no voltage detector with this stud finder, so you'll have to buy a separate non-contact voltage detector for finding live wires in your walls.Franklin Patents:Width Indication: Matching: bought this myself to use and review, and have no affiliation with the manufacturer. Cheap stud finders rely purely on the magnetic attraction of the nails in the stud. The instant stud finder can instantly detect studs, and its accuracy is significantly higher than conventional electronic stud finders. 35 reviews. The Franklin ProSensor 710 and T13 stud finder can handle up to 2 sheets, letting you scan through thicker walls up to 1.5 inches to locate studs (The T13 actually detects up to 1.7 inches). Demo. It’s a full-width stud finder, meaning you see the entire width of the stud. It is the easiest-to-use, fastest, and most accurate stud finder on the market. 22 offers from $44.89. Next. £76.37. Item #849265. This means that a