Register For Year 1 » Year 2 Training/Challenge. DBHDS-identified health risks and the appropriate interventions, and best practices in the support of individuals with developmental disabilities. If you have not attended the Year 1 DSP training or have not passed the Year 1 test, you can register for a Year 1 course or challenge test in your area here. 1) I have read the “Orientation Manual for Direct Support Professionals.” 2) I have obtained a training certificate by attending either a live DBHDS training or through the DBHDS Knowledge Center and passing the DSP Orientation Manual test (with a total score of 80% = 60 questions correct or better). DBHDS Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services My Life, My Community DMAS and DBHDS have worked diligently t engaging the expertise of consultants and stakeholders across the Commonwealth in redesign efforts. • Understand the role of the DSP in supporting an individual’s recovery plan. • DSP will understand how to provide and honor personal choice to support or increase independence. DBHDS DSP and DSP Supervisor DDW Orientation and Competencies Protocol 8.30.19 Page 4 of 11 Supervisor-specific Requirements DSP supervisors in both DBHDS-licensed and non-licensed agencies must complete online training and testing through the Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center (VLC), which is a web-based application These efforts have led to amending the ID, DD and DS waivers and increasing services and options that DBHDS online training for supervisors, which details the supervisors’ responsibilities for ensuring DSP training, testing and competency requirements of the BI, FIS and CL waivers. Registration. When services and supports are provided in DBHDS-licensed settings, competency observation and documentation also applies. Certain providers of DD Waiver services are required to meet training requirements established by DBHDS. Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. • DSP will understand why quality of life is important. DSP Training and Test . Each individual is required to provide a vendor code and formal photo identification at the time of registration. DSP Year-1 and Year-2 certification is a … DSP and Supervisor Orientation Training and Competencies. • DSP will understand documentation requirements. • DSP will understand the concept of Recovery. 2) I have taken and passed (with a total score of 80% or better) the “Orientation Manual Test.” 3) I will complete a DBHDS competency checklist that is maintained in agreement with Study Flashcards On DSP Test at Direct Support Professional (DSP) Training Program and Challenge Testing for Year-1 and Year-2. DSP supervisors were established in 2016. 2. makes it easy to get the grade you want! This assessment tool is designed to be use as one method to help you as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) identify your current level of skill in the Community Supports Competency Skills Standards , and to serve as a basis for a self -development plan in these areas. Results Notification. DSP Training and Testing is open to Direct Support Professionals and administrators currently working in licensed community care facilities.