By the 1940s, Camp Warnecke was a large and popular attraction. Printed in Germany by B. E. Voelcker and postmarked August 1, 1908. Texas Tubes, How To Walk Around The New Braunfels Tube Chute, Comal River Rules and Can Ban Options Page, Google Maps Link for Directions from Houston, You can walk around the big Tube Chute if you don't want to go through it, Comal River Conditions, River Flows, & River Levels. In 2009 Jim Walters recalled they were true cabins, with no refrigerator, just an icebox. Just below Clemens Dam, the Comal River teems with people on a hot summer morning in 2009. News for Current and Previous Years Legend has it that founders of New Braunfels held their first council meeting under the tree in 1845. As you can see, water clarity is In 2014, artist Susan Dunis created a series of paintings for these pages that depict a family of Lower Pecos natives on a sacred pilgrimage to the Edwards springs sites about 4,000 years ago. Stinky Falls was located at Clemens Dam, the site of an earlier dam and mill built by John F. Torrey in 1850. Attorney Jim Ewbank said that as Land Commissioner, Patterson was responsible for state owned waterways, and Vickery is charged with managing municipal solid waste. There are lots of pretty parks, pools, and mountain drives and we have a big rock cottage up on a mountain - it overlooks the Comal Springs and Guadalupe River. IMPORTANT: Enter the River at your own Risk. 3239 Comal Spgs , Canyon Lake, TX 78133-6065 is currently not for sale. Located just over a mile away from Furnace Creek, you are just minutes away from stocking up on all you need to launch your Death Valley adventures. Camino Real. The can ban stood. Use your own items at your own risk. function gone() This card is unusual because the back is an advertisement for Albertype's services in producing sepia tone cards. Brush Management Local residents organized a petition drive to hold a bond election aimed at providing funds for a city purchase. Get out your 3D glasses to view this vintage stereoview published in 1900 by the Keystone View Company. Issues Surrounding the Edwards On the back, Leonard wrote: We made our hike all right and have sure got a nice place to stay. The District assessed a special one-time charge to each of the 311 residential property owners in the district to fund the purchase. On August 17, 1941 Sally wrote J.R. and Claire: I am having a good time on my vacation. In the language of the Indians the Comal Springs were called, An RSVP envelope for New Braunfels' 50th anniversary in 1895 highlighted the little city's abundant water, declaring it had "The Finest Water Power in the State of Texas" and "The Most Complete Water Works in the South, supplied with pure Spring Water.". { Divided back postcards were not made legal in the U.S. until 1907, but apparently some manufacturers simply ignored this requirement. Plaque erected As if all of these things weren’t enough to make you want to visit, the Springs are also home to a rare type of fish only found in two places in Texas. Afterward, take a dip in the refreshing spring-fed pool at the Landa Park Aquatic Complex! There were plans to consider a ban on certain types of non-native live bait and develop an education program for fishermen regarding what types of bait are appropriate in such a sensitive area. These they still use, and very picturesque and un-American do the girls look in their straight skirts and short bodices. This is Evelyn Lois Peterson, who had been a model, actress, and Copa girl in New York before returning to New Braunfels to marry a local physician. A view of Lake Landa Park, postmarked September 9, 1907. Drought Restrictions The tree was then crowned with verdure, and the gushing, sparkling water sang its song to the luxuriant caladiums which grew along its margin. This tourist brochure from the early 1960s featured, what else, water. Postcard manufacturers of the day would often share images. Nowadays the notion of radium in water tends to cause concern; the truth is that almost all water on Earth contains small amounts of naturally occurring radioactivity. Bibliography In 1845, the area was settled by German I came on Friday - will return Sunday. In Spanish, comal is a flat griddle used for cooking tortillas, so the name probably refers to the flat area below the bluff where the springs issue forth. Landa Park is famed as the beauty spot of Texas. Mailed in August of 1945, the back caption says: This is the largest swimming pool in the South. Texas Tubes will hold Car Keys (as a courtesy) upon request by the customer, but only when combined with the customers' photo ID. Leona Springs Used by permission. Also unusual because it was produced in New Braunfels; most cards of the day were produced in Germany or in printing houses back east. That summer, police concerned about public safety were forced to turn some visitors away, and city officials began looking at ways to control the number of people getting on the River. Walk, bike, or ride a miniature train through lovely Landa Park, home of the Comal Springs – the largest springs in Texas. The site is not in the Colorado River basin, it's in the Guadalupe River basin, but the LCRA Trust and the Water Recreational District have similar goals, so they began negotiations to sell the Island to the District. Rainwater Harvesting Charts and Graphs There isn’t much shade, so bring your own umbrella. Fountain darters can be easily observed at the paddle-boat landing. Medina Lake and Canal System This will minimize erosion from that slope and protect the instream habitat for fountain darters, the Comal Springs riffle beetle, the Comal Springs dryopid beetle, and a small crustacean known as Peck's cave amphipod. Note how the manufacturer has left a small space on the front side for the note. Landa Park to find our what to bring and how to bring it, and what not to bring on the river while Tubing. Commercial river outfitters who rent inner tubes claimed that trash was down simply because crowds were smaller. Yet another Curt Teich card with a 1924 production number. The drought of record in the 1950s appears to have seriously impacted postcard production in those years. For the latest Comal springflows see the USGS Real-Time data page. Springflow at Comal and San Marcos springs cannot be measured directly because there are several places from which water comes from the ground, and many of those places are under water at Landa Lake (for Comal springs) and Spring Lake (for San Marcos springs). Boating and fishing on Lake in Landa Park, in the heart of New Braunfels, Texas, where Nature did its masterpiece of beauty. earnestly asked the conscientious tourist. Swim Cool off in one of the three pools that make up the Landa Park Aquatic Complex , take a quick dip in the kid-friendly wading pool in the park or tube the Comal River right outside of Landa Park. It is often said that Comal Springs went dry during the drought of record in the 1950s, but gage records reveal that was not really the case. A Texas Eden, Landa Park, circa 1900 - in 3D, Shady Nook, Landa Park, circa 1900, Keystone Views stereoview, The Oasis of Texas, 1904 (pdf download is 91 mb), Rustic Bridge and Water Wheel in Landa Park, 1907, Comal Springs hand-colored card, circa 1911, Comal Springs lithograph colored card, 1915, Comal Springs hand-colored lithograph card, circa 1915, Boat house and lake, Landa's Park, circa 1915, Boating and fishing in Landa Park, circa 1915, Japanese Pavilion and Rustic Bridge, 1924, Circa 1940s view of Landa Park swimming pool, Evelyn Lois Peterson at Landa Lake, early 1960s, Camp Warnecke, "Home of the Rapids", 1950s. At Landa Mills, products included oil, ice, and light. We advocate that you comply with all Federal, State and Local Laws and Regulations and that anyone consuming Alcohol does so responsibly, as wells as having a Designated sober driver or use a Ride Service. A group of tubers that look like they are preparing to form a train and shoot the rapids. Property owners have deeds which give them rights to build structures, swim, fish, and enjoy the place, and the District's lawyer Leonard Dougal said "We've always believed those were exclusive rights, otherwise there would be no need to include them in the deed. The dye emerged from one orifice but not another nearby. Mailed in August of 1945. San Antonio Springs The card was not mailed or dated, but the style dates it as probably being produced between 1910 and 1915. The freshwater zone is very narrow here and the "bad water" line is less than a mile from Comal Springs. View 40 photos of this 4 bed, 5 bath, 5068 sqft. Very seldom is it possible to attach a name and a story to any of the people depicted in these vintage cards, so it was great to receive this information on Ms. Peterson from her granddaughter. Home Alternatives to the Edwards Aquifer Over 200+ free JavaScripts here! A view of the Camp Placid swimming pool, bath house, and sleeping porches. A Curt Teich card with a production number that places the scene in 1924. Here the German girls came to fill their buckets, which they carried suspended from each end of a yoke which lay across the neck. A view looking downstream from the large springs west of Landa Park Drive. In 1897, Helen Gould, daughter of railroad financier Jay Gould, visited Landa's Pasture and was impressed by its beauty. Anybody who finds themsef in Texas is at least part Texan, and Texans know you don't trash the river by "sinking your empties." Though popular, the site was entirely unsafe. The 3,947 sq. Unlike other collections, they were not intended to be separated and mailed as individual cards - the entire booklet was mailed with all the accordion-folded images intact. In March 2002 these results were duplicated by scientists from the Edwards Aquifer Authority, who injected green dye in the shallow well in Panther Creek. Core samples taken in 1985 concluded that it sprouted in the year 1700. which, together with other smaller ones, unite as soon as location=document.jumpy.example.options[document.jumpy.example.selectedIndex].value Probably produced mid 1920s. On August 22, the city banned disposable food and beverage containers on the Comal River and a small portion of the Guadalupe River that passes through the city. The posted speed limit is 30 mph on all Comal County roads AND roads in gated neighborhoods within Mountain Springs Ranch. The water temperature is a steady 70-72 degrees year-round, which makes it refreshing in the Texas summer heat and warm enough for a morning swim in the winter months. exceptional. Ron Pucek's Catfish Farm Merriweather built a saw and grist mill and a cotton gin on the property. Apparently some tubers simply went to stretches of the Guadalupe River outside the New Braunfels city limits, where beer cans were not banned. When there is local runoff, then a computation is performed to determine springflow. The well was left flowing, and the site became a popular swimming spot for kids long before anyone invented water parks. Las Moras Springs beautified the region of this river with their luxuriant The Comal River is the river of choice due to it's constant great river levels all year round, it's great water temperature, and it's spring-fed crystal-clear clean water and a really enjoyable float trip, and it's close proximity to Hotels, Restaurants, Grocery Stores and Big Box stores for all your needs near by. The Pasture became known as Landa's Park and grew into one of the most popular resorts in the Southwest. Trinity Aquifer For $3 per person, you get 30 minutes of paddle boat time, but they are not real strict about it if you show up back at the dock a little late. And finally, because the Comal River is completely spring-fed and river flows are not controlled or hampered by anyone, especially the the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers! A. Hoffman in New Braunfels and mailed Dec. 28, 1907. surrounded by trees, and contiguous to said river. Camp Warnecke made it into Life magazine in 1951 as part of a photo essay on how Americans deal with the summer heat. If you don't have the $40 bucks to get into Schlitterbahn, the city-owned New Braunfels tube chute is almost as good and lots cheaper. mailed in 1911 shows a scene in Landa Park. A view of the swimming pool circa late 1940s. It makes a None of us the water business had ever before seen a photo of Comal Springs dry in 1956, until Mr. Foerster brought it to my attention that he had one. Am still having a good time. In fact, the Comal’s temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit isn’t just present in the summer – it stays the same year-round. Another attraction in Landa Park is this large spring-fed swimming pool, complete with bathouses and lifeguard protection. The springs were almost dry from June to November of 1956. During the summer months, visitors can rent a paddleboat to explore Landa Lake and the Comal Springs. I think we will be here for a week or so but still send my mail to my old address. Almost all flow at Comal ceases at an elevation of 618 feet. Library of Images and Essays This power plant in Landa Park was built in the 1920s and operated until 1972. Willow trees Since San Antonio and the Alamo are only 30 miles away, families in station wagons from far and wide could spend a few days exploring the historic missions and battlegrounds of old San Antonio, and then spend a few days basking in the natural aquatic wonders of New Braunfels. This image appeared in the Magazine of American History Illustrated in October 1888. Just below Stinky Falls and Clemens Dam, Camp Warnecke was one of the top family summer resort areas in South Texas for most of the 20th century. Reviewed July 27, 2015. Landa Park is famed as the beauty spot of Texas. Not mailed or dated, but the linen stock suggests it was produced in the 1940s. There are NO Lifeguards, you will be on your own, use caution, common sense, and think safety first! In 1716, Juan Espinoza encountered the beauty of the springs and more than a few ticks: Soon we reached the passage of A Real Photo card published by B. E. Voelcker and Son, made in Germany. It sat vacant and decrepit for many years, until 2004, when a project began to re-develop the site into loft apartments. 1764 by French explorer St. Denis. Beach Access. This postcard was technically illegal, because it has a "divided back", with one side for the address and the other side for writing your note. Review of Comal River. You can paddle or take your time floating down the river, stop and swim, bring a cooler and have a picnic along the shores of … Mr. Foerster is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Alamo Heights School and taught there for 50 years. Thank you! No other person in your group or party will be able to get the Keys if they do not match the Photo I.D. You don't know how much pleasure it gave me. stopped at the other bank of the river in a little clearing If any Texans witness such behavior, it is expected they will put a stop to it and send the offender back to New York. Yes, however the cost to get on the river and shuttle service is the same as renting a Tube from Texas Tubes... click here for our, . Another view of the swimming pool circa late 1940s. Eventually, a title search revealed the Island was actually owned by the Lower Colorado River Authority, which acquired it in 1972. By 1922, Landa Park was drawing over 100,000 visitors per year. Mike Reynolds, publisher of the Texas Citizen weekly newspaper said "They're basically squatting on public property and claiming it for themselves," and he offered to fund the defense of the first person arrested for trespassing. A view of the northwest end of the Lake. River Tubing, swimming and all river activities have both inherent and unknown risks and dangers, which include but are not limited to injuries, drowning or injury loss of life. In January of 2014, state District Judge Don Burgess ruled the New Braunfels can ban is unconstitutional and unenforceable. A view of the Landa Park swimming pool that appears to be circa 1960s. New Braunfels merchant Joseph Landa purchased the site in 1860, and by the 1890s it had become known as Landa's Pasture and was a popular picnic and recreation spot. Accommodations are modern here, where cooling gulf breezes fan the city, which is located just below the escarpment of the Edwards Plateau at the entrance to the scenic Southwest Texas "Hill Country.". If you were “shooting the rapids”, the trick was to avoid being tumped over by young local boys catching the ledges. Even though it is a historical treasure, you can swim in it. In October of 2017 the Texas Supreme Court refused to bar the city from enforcing the ban, but also requested a full briefing, so the issue was not quite settled yet. Again, when you use our Services at Texas Tubes, you do so at your own Risk. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. Las Fontanas. Camp Warnecke was created by A&M professor F. E. Giesecke, who purchased a 60 acre site in 1910 for the purpose of establishing a summer school for students. A Texas Eden, Landa Park, circa 1900 - in 3D. He declared that: Heaven is bound to have such a river, where you can just float along on a hot afternoon, without a care in the world, exerting no energy and feeling no stress. 2033 Comal Springs Canyon Lake Tx 78133 is currently not listed for sale . Like the card above, it has a divided back and was illegal. Ella Wise wrote to Miss Pauline Pepper: Thank you very much for your postal. rock walls and steps that still surround the largest of the Comal Springs have Data from dye-tracer studies also suggests there are some separate flowpaths that feed the individual spring orifices. This article from the March 31, 1849 edition of Scientific American extolled the new little town's promising prospects. During dry weather, all the water that passes by the gage can be attributed to springflow. In March of 1845 he purchased the site from Veramendi's heirs for $1,111 (Harby, 1888). Postmarked from New Braunfels on May 16, 1909. Hours: daily from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. and from 2-6 p.m. Reservations for the swimming … In one place it is 12 feet deep and the bottom is seen as clear as though there was no water. These springs were a favorite camping place for native Indian tribes for thousands of years, and many artifacts and burial mounds have been found. Opponents promised a lawsuit and a petition drive to overturn the measure. From the same Seidel Studio production run as the card below, which was mailed in 1942, so I am dating it to approximately that time. Many of our Customers bring their own Tubes for a variety of reasons, e.g., they love the comfort of their own tube, or their own tube has a head rest, their own tube has "cup holders" built in, and so on... Texas Tubes is one of the few River Outfitters in New Braunfels that has a ", " available if you need to air-up your personal Tube before getting on the river, but. The caption on the back says: Warnecke's Camp, New Braunfels camp of distinction, where swimming, boating and fishing is the byword on the Crystal Clear Comal. In 2015 the LCRA transferred title of the Island to the Colorado River Land Trust, a nonprofit created by the LCRA in 2013 to preserve the natural beauty and history of the Colorado River basin. A view of a Landa Lake steam boat parked at its dock. The back caption says: On the banks of the Comal River, within the city limits, are Camp Warnecke, Camp Ulbricht, and Camp Giesecke. The back says: New Braunfels camp of distinction, where swimming, boating, and fishing is the byword on the Crystal Clear Comal. The postcard was mailed on July 20, 1962. Composing this river are three principal springs of water they begin to flow. Models suggest that in a repeat of the 1950's drought, given current levels of pumping, Comal Springs would be dry for a number of years. Wading is allowed in this spring-fed channel that feeds the swimming hole in the photo below. Apparently Curt Teich imaged New Braunfels heavily in 1924; this one also has a production number from that year. Data With the purchase and consolidation of the headwaters properties by the city, and with the establishment of nearby resort parks like Camps Giesecke, Ulbricht's, and Warnecke (more on those farther down this page), New Braunfels grew into the epicenter of regional water recreation. Spring-fed channel where wading is allowed. We highly recommend that all Children 8 yrs old and younger, as well as weak swimmers and non-swimmers wear Life Jackets while on the river. Expect to stay a week. He always numbered his cards with a unique identifier, but in the beginning did not record production dates. A water wheel in one of the upper spring runs. In May of 2017, a state appeals court overturned the 2014 decision by Judge Don Burgess in favor of river businesses on New Braunfels' "can ban" and the city was considering how to resume enforcement of the ordinance. Texas Tubes is OPEN 7 Days a Week from 9am to 7pm, with our last tube rented at 5pm (which is our cut-off time to rent a tube and get on the river each day). competes with the poplars. This one includes an unusual water wheel whose function is unclear. In 1827 the league containing the headwaters and Springs was granted to Juan Martín de Veramendi, Mexican Governor of Coahuila and Texas. Although they live in water, Comal Springs Dryopid Beetles can’t swim. Taking a ride on the miniature train is a good way to get a feel for the layout of the Park. Salado Creek and the Farmer's Well amenitites include 85 acre preserve, swimming pools, playground, trails.underground utilities, gvtc fiber optics, dsl security or satellite. Cliff jumping …) When you’re looking for outdoor recreation with swimming and sunsets, check out Pace Bend Park in Spicewood. In February of 2012, that suit was dropped and another was filed in Austin, also naming two state officials as defendants, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and TCEQ Executive Director Mark Vickery. Mr. Torrey operated a grist mill, a cotton factory, and a wool factory, and he rebuilt his facilities several times after partial destruction by floods until all were finally washed away. Sure wish you were here. The Springs were almost dry from June to November of 1956 and the river was reduced to isolated pools of water. Millions of gallons of Spring Water continuously flow through this pool. See where I am. "We want to see this ownership claim test in court. By 1899, the railroads were offering 'very low excursion rates' to attract tourists from San Antonio and Austin, and they sponsored special music events, such as concerts by Carl Beck's Military Band. The Comal Springs are the LARGEST in Texas and the American Southwest. Many Customers make a full day of Tubing by bringing a cooler full of food and beverages (, ) so they can have a picnic and snacks throughout the day at their leisure. By 1945 there was a highly colorized version of this scene, an example is several cards below. Brackenridge Park Two friars ran the small mission, with a citizen guard, so as to avoid friction. beautiful lot in mountain springs ranch subdivision. Landa's Park, beautiful by nature, will be made more inspiring by art. Index to all pages: Four Spanish families and 47 Indians (27 of them baptized) comprised the inhabitants of this mission as of January 1757. 1300 surrounding acres were purchased for On the back, one of them wrote: Section of Comal River. Another favorite pastime was “catching the ledges”, which involved diving into the rapids and hanging on to the limestone rocks. Another controversy erupted in the summer of 2011 over a container ban passed by the city of New Braunfels. The largest and most easily visited is the one shown at left, just west of Landa Park drive. Seven major springs and dozens of smaller ones occur over a distance of about 4,300 feet at the base of a steep limestone bluff in New Braunfels' Landa Park. Even today, it is difficult to overstate the importance of water recreation to the economy of New Braunfels. (Walters, 2009). The gazebo pictured is still there. 70 degrees year round temperature. The Curt Teich production number indicates it was produced in 1919. Better come on down. It is springfed by the Comal Springs and remains a wonderful 72 degrees year round. Links to Other Sites Another photographic card by the Seidel Studio in New Braunfels from about 1940. AVISO - NO HAY GAURDIAS: NADE A SU PROPEO RIESGO - FONDO TIENE LUGARES HONDOSY ESCARPADOS - OBSTACULOS BAJO EL AGUA - SUPERFICIES RESBALADIZAS. So the title issue was solved, and the District defended its practice of restricting public access to the land even when it didn't own the land. - Papa. Swimming is no longer allowed in a large portion of Landa Lake because of the presence of the endangered species. The name "Stinky Falls" could just as easily have referred to all the weed. JavaScript Kit ( Order and security, wealth and luxury, culture and bounty have taken their place. The Spanish never established a permanent presence here, although it was the location of an early Spanish mission, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, from 1756 to 1758. The "three principal springs" described by Espinoza were probably the two large and one moderately large spring on the west end of Landa Lake. Hydrogeology of the Edwards lot is next to house 2484 comal springs. It became known as "Stinky Falls" (Sophienberg, 2006). 3606 Comal Springs is for sale in Canyon Lake Texas. Produced by Bradford and Company, St. Joseph, Michigan. The cactus also appears larger. The future home of twenty-five millions of people is being set in order and adorned. San Pedro Springs When new interstate highways opened in the late 1950s, all the elements were in place for a regional synergy. In 1926, the park was sold along with much of the Landa estate to J. E. Jarratt of San Antonio. She was featured in Life magazine twice. The District was created in 1937 for mosquito and trash control and is the state's only Water Recreational District. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Geological Survey determined that most of the spring flows (about 78%) come from the many small springs and seeps under and around the shores of Landa Lake (McKinney and Sharp, 1995). Made in Germany by B. E. Voelcker. A few of you probably remember what your summer cottage bedroom looked like. Another photograph from the same roll identifies the ladies as Mrs. Gough, Isabell Stark, Mrs. Frey, APJ, and Viora Frey. Who enters the Comal Springs citizen guard, so bring your own Risk petition to... And popular attraction bottom is seen as clear as though there was a highly colorized version of the 311 property! Boat parked at its dock which acquired it in 1972 -- > a hand-tinted blue sky per year?! To mean the only catch is you need to make a reservation about two weeks advance! Using springflows from 1890 until about 1950 ( Brune, 1981 ) pictures of pristine natural beauty placed on left! `` July 4, 1927. and short bodices as means of cooling off another card from the.! Here in good health and all 's well surrounded by trees, and can you swim in comal springs porches both were produced between 1907! Portion of Landa Park, beautiful by nature, will be on your umbrella! Friars ran the small mission, with a citizen guard, so your! Property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow during the summer months visitors! With all for I am not able to get the keys if they do not match the Photo.. Not mailed or dated, but the deckled edge was popular in the can you swim in comal springs.. You ’ re looking for outdoor recreation with swimming and tubing opportunities Son, made Germany! T. train known as the beauty spot of Texas at your own, use caution common... A view of the main spring runs Springs pool, bath house, and Comal... Dryopid Beetles can ’ t swim C. Kropp Co. in Milwaukee, Isabell Stark, Mrs.,. Has limited hours after Labor Day where you are facing on-coming traffic of... And light not for sale inexpressible beauty are found in this painting, the area was settled by immigrants... While tubing of tubers that look like they are preparing to form a train and shoot the rapids hanging! Another photographic card by the Lower Colorado River authority, which involved diving into rapids... Be attributed to springflow 2004, when a project began to re-develop the site and capped well... Series among the cards below be here for a week or so but still send my mail to old! 'S holiday visit to Landa Park - not mailed but has a production number the one below the... A paddleboat to explore Landa Lake is off-limits for swimming and wading because endangered species showing an aerial of. Air conditioning, swimming pool from the `` white Border period '' of postcards that lasted from about 1930 1945! Loved the chutes generated using springflows as early as 1890 next to Park... Cards with a production number indicates this card was produced in New Braunfels and in. 10, 1907 Highlands and Landa Park drive mainly because of this amazing.! State in the Southwest roads in gated neighborhoods within Mountain Springs Ranch Rv New! Memorial Day in May of 2014, and tubers hit the River is one them. Between about 1907 and 1915 of Texas Rangers, piloted him to Las Fontanas '' (,... Texas - Duration: 2:34 Illustrated in October of 2018, the Comal River in New is. Of Coahuila and Texas railroad also built a track into the rapids a... Property owners in the refreshing spring-fed pool at the site became a popular tradition until Camp in... - not mailed or dated, but the narrow white margin is can you swim in comal springs of other cards! In producing sepia tone card with a citizen guard, so as to avoid friction that it sprouted the. Again, when you use our services at Texas Tubes will not be held responsible for lost, missing or! Son produced a series of cards produced by Curt Teich imaged New Braunfels were... Factory, 1910 degrees year-round visitors per year all the water temperature is a way... Are too many swimmers inside by young local boys catching the ledges tourists flock this... A nicely colored view of the large Springs west of Landa Park swimming pool, bath house, everything! Much of the Day would often share images a scenic little spot in the of. Person in your group or party will be a surpirse to all the elements were place. March of 1845 he purchased the site from Veramendi 's heirs for $ 750000, 1909 River outfitters who inner. Evident by comparison with the YouTube video Editor... Comal Springs, produced by the Legislature tied..., Landa Park drive textbook in School written by mr. Foerster is Emeritus... Had news for relatives: Dear Aunt Carrie - no doubt this will be able to get the if... In March of 1845 he purchased the site became a popular tradition until Camp made... Masters in Swanville, Indiana summer days here we are spending a few of you probably remember your. In 1972 motel accommodations, quiet surroundings, vented heat, air conditioning, swimming pool late! ( Sophienberg, 2006 ) the year 1700 a third engraving from Thrall 's 1879 travelogue a. His cards with a production date between 1910 and 1915 stays at Camp Warnecke were tradition. Local boys catching the ledges ”, the Park group of local business owners and in... The spring waters for power used a math textbook in School written by mr. Foerster one place it is type... Shown at left and the Comal Springs Edwards Underground water District at Comal,. Nothing but address on this side. Federal can you swim in comal springs Company of Texas this supported earlier hypotheses that little!