The Hainan gibbon is listed as Critically Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), appearing on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Hainan gibbons are critically endangered primate species, but scientists believe this may change soon. The world’s most critically endangered primate, the Hainan gibbon, is barely surviving. This was the female’s triumphant response. Conservation efforts have paid off, as the Hainan gibbon is the only one of 19 recognised species of gibbons showing a stable increase in numbers, Lo said. Males are generally completely black and have white or buff cheeks, while the females are a golden or buff colour all over with black patches including a streak of black on the head. One species in particular, the Hainan Gibbon, happens to be the rarest primate of them all. The Hainan Black Crested Gibbon is a species which is coloured differently for each sex. With about twenty-three individuals left in the wild its no wonder this species is listed as critically endangered. Because the species is so precarious, each gibbon’s survival is vital. Hainan Gibbons are native to china’s rain forests and used to be found all across Hainan Island in the South China Sea. Sung together with the male’s, it was the Hainan gibbon’s duet, one of the distinguishing features of the species, and how the few Hainan gibbons there locate and unite with the others. The males were joined by a guttural, rolling-R, twitter scream, more of a warble than a whoop. Conservationists working to save the world’s rarest primate are seeing a glimmer of hope after the population of Hainan gibbons exceeded 30.“Even though the numbers are still small, you can see a future for this animal,” said senior conservation officer Philip Lo Yik-fui of Hong Kong-based Kadoorie Conservation China, which was driving efforts to protect the gibbons … Conservation efforts save endangered Hainan gibbon from the brink of extinction The primate is making a comeback, with now over 30 gibbons living in the island of Hainan. The rest are in decline. The Hainan black-crested gibbon has been included among the world's 25 most endangered primate species, according to a report being released … 10 amazing facts about Hainan gibbons. With only 25 individuals remaining in less than 20 square kilometres of forest in China's Hainan Island, the Critically Endangered Hainan gibbon is … With less than 30 individuals remaining, the Hainan gibbon, Nomascus hainanus, is the world’s rarest primate and one of the most threatened mammals.How much do you know about this Critically Endangered species? Only 30 remain on the planet, all restricted to a single patch of forest on China’s Hainan Island.
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